Hello & thank you for visiting our website. 

I just wanted to share our response to the Coronavirus outbreak and what we are currently doing with regards to staying open. 

My order books are still open for people at the moment. I am reviewing this on a frequent basis as once I run out of supplies I may have to close if I cannot get anymore. A lot of my suppliers have closed now so it is something which is out of my control unfortunately. I am still making cards regularly and the turnaround time for those stays at 1 week. For all other items which I would usually post at the Post office (framed prints/keepsakes etc) they are currently on an increased turnaround. You may still order these but I cannot guarantee when they will get to you as I am trying to only go out when extremely necessary which I hope you can understand.

I am focusing on using my daily exercise to walk to the postbox to post cards/unframed prints. Please note I am also thoroughly washing my hands and disinfecting surfaces your items touch before I make them and send them to you. 

Keep safe everyone and I will keep you updated on our situation. 

Abi xx